Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Extreme Habanero Cheese Now A Permanent Menu Item at Skyline

Back in April we ran a poll that asked our readers if they preferred a hot or mild coney. While it was a very close poll, hot did edge out mild with 52% of the votes. This showed there is definitely a market in Cincinnati for spicier options at the local chili parlors. For a couple of years now, Skyline Chili has occasionally offered Extreme Habanero Cheese as an option for coneys and 3-ways. For those who prefer that spicier option we have some good news to pass on, Skyline is now adding the Extreme Habanero Cheese as a permanent fixture to their menu. I know lots of people who enjoy the habenero cheese and are always disappointed when it goes away, this news should make them happy. Below is the press release from Skyline.

CINCINNATI – Due to repeated widespread requests and mouthwatering demands from the Skyline Nation, the ever-popular and often-coveted Spicy Habanero cheese has been permanently added to the Skyline Chili menu. Now customers can enjoy the spicy goodness atop their Skyline Chili anywhere, anytime.

“Extreme Habanero cheese has always been a favorite with Skyline customers, so this is our way of saying, ‘We hear you loud and clear,’” said Skyline Chili marketing manager Sarah Lapham. “Whether they’re craving a vegetarian bean burrito, a three, four or five-way or a classic cheese coney, the Spicy Habanero cheese will be there when they want it most.”

For more information on Skyline Chili or Extreme Habanero cheese, visit their website at www.skylinechili.com.

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