Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So how were Mike's coneys?

While discussing the incident at Mike's Chili & Gyros one of the most common questions I receive is "so, how were the coneys?" Since everything that happened soured our experience, it is impossible for us to give them a full review. Sure the issue was ultimately resolved, but its still the worst dining experience we had so we can't really give Mike's a review. Maybe someday we will take Sam up on his offer of coneys and photos at the other location, but of course it also would be hard to rate a place when we are obviously getting some special treatment.

Anyway, we will mention how we felt about the coneys. We both felt they were ok, since it was so out of the way for us its not a place we would have returned to even if the incident didn't happen, but the coneys were decent. Best comparison we could make is they tasted like a lower quality version of the Gold Star coneys we had earlier in the quest.

There is our "review" of Mike's. They receive a "N/A" since they have been disqualified from the rankings.

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