Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, more quest locations

Before going to Covington Chili I said we are down to nine stops left on the Coney Quest. It appears I may have spoke too soon. Recently chatted with someone on twitter who is a part of a group also on a quest to try all the Cincinnati chili spots.  They started a website called The Chili Report and while looking at their list of locations I noticed some spots that we left out:

Mike's Chili and Gyros
Finneytown Chili
Bluebird Restaurant
Fort Wright Family Restaurant
Lynna's Grill
Papa Dino's Pizza
Crookshank Chili

Of course I will call ahead to make sure that these places are still open and do serve cheese coneys. If these places check out, the Cincinnati Coney Quest parlor list will expand to 32 restaurants!

*update* A reader notified us that Crookshank is no longer in business. I still need to check on Fort Wright, Lynna's and Finneytown.

*update 2* Fort Wright checks out but Finneytown appears to be out of business. Still need to verify Lynna's.

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