Monday, February 27, 2012

Gold Star Veggie Way

Last week we informed you about the new Skyline Chili Greek Pasta bowl which is being featured during Lent. Now its Gold Star Chili's turn. Gold Star actually has several vegetarian chili options which more closely relate to tradition Cincinnati chili dishes than the Skyline Greek Pasta Bowl. If you are in the mood for a 3-way but can't have meat, you can have it topped with their vegetarian chili instead. This isn't a new product, but it looks like Gold Star is going to promote it more than usual during Lenten season. Dixie Chili is another local chili parlor which features vegetarian chili on their menu. If there are any other local chili parlors with similar options or specials during Lent, please let us know!

Press release below.

Gold Star Chili Invites Cincinnati-style Chili Lovers To “Veg Out”
95-Restaurant Chain Highlights Its Vegetarian Chili Menu Items For Lent &
Year-round Healthy Eating

Cincinnati, Ohio – With the Lenten season upon us, Gold Star Chili, the Flavor of Cincinnati, wants to remind chili lovers that there are two ways to enjoy a Cincinnati-style 3-Way; the regular way (spaghetti topped with chili and shredded cheddar cheese) and the veggie way. Gold Star’s veggie chili variation of the famous Cincinnati-style 3-Way, plus a full line of veggie chili menu options including: a bowl of veggie chili, veggie chili burrito, veggie chili burrito bowl and a veggie chili salad have become increasingly popular year-round items.

“More and more consumers are demanding flavorful, but meatless menu options,” says Gold Star Vice President of Marketing, Charlie Howard. “A bowl of Gold Star veggie chili is only 160 calories, loaded with vegetables, full of fiber and protein and features a spicy, uniquely Gold Star flavor similar to our regular chili. As such, our veggie chili has become the foundation of a whole new line of vegetarian variations of classic Cincinnati-style menu options.”

With a major promotional focus on vegetarian chili menu items, Gold Star hopes to expand its customer base to include those who observe a strict vegetarian diet (Gold Star veggie chili is vegetarian and vegan), those seeking healthier lifestyle choices, regular Cincinnati-style chili lovers who crave the flavor and can now enjoy an additional “guilt-free” chili occasion each week, and in the short-term, people who observe Lent.

“With our emphasis on increasing awareness of our veggie chili, we’re following the lead of many school districts and encouraging the observance of “Meatless Mondays,” says Howard. “With the caveat of observing it with a veggie chili dish at Gold Star Chili, of course.”

Gold Star Chili’s veggie chili 3-Ways and other veggie menu items will be promoted with a six-week advertising campaign utilizing television, radio, billboards, digital and social media elements, beginning February 27th, just in time for the Lenten season.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Skyline Introduces The Greek Pasta Bowl

Today is Fat Tuesday which means Lent is upon us. Cincinnati has a large Catholic community, many chili lovers will have to go without their fix the next 6 Fridays, or might even choose give up chili for their Lenten sacrifice. Skyline has introduced a new menu item, the Greek Pasta Bowl, to bring in customers during this season. The Greek Pasta Bowl features warm, meatless pasta dish, which includes kalamata olives, tomatoes, pepperoncinis, feta cheese and Greek dressing. This menu item will be available until April 9.

If any other chili parlors are offering new menu items or specials during Lent, please let us know.

(Press Release Below)

Skyline Chili to Offer Vegetarian Greek Pasta Bowl for Lent 

CINCINNATI – Skyline Chili is offering customers a meat-free menu item during this Lenten season. The Greek Pasta Bowl is a warm, meatless pasta dish, which includes signature Skyline Chili Greek salad ingredients, including kalamata olives, tomatoes, pepperoncinis, feta cheese and Greek dressing.

“We wanted to offer our customers who forgo meat for Lent a menu item that they can still enjoy at Skyline locations,” said Sarah Lapham, director of marketing for Skyline Chili. “This dish grew from a test-and-learn with a few select franchisees, and customers really seemed to love it. We’re excited to introduce it to all regional locations this year.”

The Greek Pasta Bowl is available from Feb. 8 to April 9 at Skyline Chili locations in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton and Columbus. The dish is available in small and regular sizes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Silver Ladle opening in March

The newest tenant of Downtown's "Restaurant Row", Silver Ladle, is planing on opening March 12th. Cincinnati style chili will be featured on the menu. One of the items will be an open face, knife and fork coney which I look forward to trying.'s Polly Campbell has all the latest info:

The Silver Ladle website is now live:

Also, it looks like Silver Ladle is hiring for all positions:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Best of Coney Quest: Readers' Poll Winner

Congrats to Dixie Chili on winning the Cincinnati Coney Quest Readers' Poll! The reader poll results were reversed from ours: we had Price Hill Chili #1 followed by Dixie, while the readers' had Dixie #1 followed by Price Hill. Another one of our favorites, Camp Washington Chili, finished 3rd. However, the voting wasn't very close as Dixie Chili brought in a comanding 41% of the vote. The results did not surprise me since Dixie Chili was the most recommended  parlor when we first started the quest.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best of Coney Quest: Readers' Poll

Over the past year and a half you have followed our quest and read our opinions on the local chili parlors. When it was over, we crowned Price Hill Chili as our favorite. Now, it is time for you to vote for your favorite Cincinnati chili parlor! If your favorite parlor is not listed, please select "Other" and tell us which unlisted parlor is your favorite in the comment section.

Voting will be open until Sunday and we will announce which parlor won the Readers' Poll on Monday.