Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quest Stop #17 Drawing

We did not make a Coney Quest stop this past weekend and instead chose to stuff our faces at Taste of Cincinnati. Even though it was a very hot weekend, we both enjoyed ourselves during our multiple visits to Taste. It does kind of surprise me that there is no Cincinnati chili to be found at Taste, but it doesn't really upset me either since if there was a Skyline or Gold Star booth I would make fun of it like I do the LaRosa's booth (nothing against LaRosa's, but people should branch out and try the other pizza joints there). I do think one of the smaller chili parlors could do well at Taste, but I am sure there are logistic and costs reasons why they don't.

I could on and on but what I did and did not like at Taste, but this blog is about cheese coneys, so lets get back to that. Stop #17 will take us to the furthest eastern location of the Quest: Moon-Lite Chili in Batavia. Moon-Lite finds themselves in a good spot as they follow the Mike's Chili disaster, we can only go up from there!

***UPDATE*** We planned on going to Moon-Lite Chili this past Sunday, it is located in Batavia, which isn't very convenient to us, so I decided to call to see what their hours were. I tried a couple of times but no one ever answered. Since so many chili parlors are family owned it can be risky to plan a quest stop on a Sunday when many family owned restaurants are closed. We really wanted coneys on Sunday so we decided to choose a different parlor to go to. The one chili parlor we knew for sure would be open was Skyline, thus we postponed Moon-Lite and made Skyline our 17th stop on the Quest. We will have a history post and review posted sometime this week. If anyone knows the hours Moon-Lite is open please pass them along, I will try calling them tomorrow afternoon.

In one more chili related note, be sure to check out the Puddintopia 3-Way Thursday posts, as they are out to find the best 3-way in Cincinnati. They recently made their first stop at Empress and had some of the same thoughts we had during our visit.

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  1. I was completely astounded that we all basically thought the same thing. I intentionally didn't reread your review, and the four of us each visit separately and didn't discuss our opinions AT ALL prior to posting. Yet we all point to the same basic things with the chili, whether we liked it or not. It's craziness!