Monday, April 9, 2012

Leaving Cincinnati

This will likely be the last major announcenment on the blog. We are happy to announce we are moving to Austin, Texas at the end of the month! Alison recently accepted a job with the Austin Symphony. This means the Cincinnati Coney Quest is OFFICIALLY over. There might be some ocassional posts since the local chili parlors alert me to new promotions which we pass on to our readers. Even if there are no more posts, the blog will remain up as we still receive a decent amount of daily hits.

While we are excited for the move, we are also going to miss Cincinnati. The quest was a lot of fun. It gave a life long Cincinnatian like myself a chance to try restaurants I've missed out on, and gave a transplant like Alison a chance to explore more of the city. Of course we have ate a large amount of coneys this month since I'm pretty sure Cincinnati style chili is illegal in Texas.

Some have asked/joked if there will be a new quest blog for popular Austin foods. That, I'm not sure of, but I do plan on devouring my fair share of brisket. I will probably launch some sort of blog related to my travels in a new city.

We would like to thank all of the local chili parlors who have been great supporters of our quest. We would especially like to thank all of our readers who have enjoyed the quest and kept us motivated to try so many chili parlors. Cincinnati, we will miss you, but look forward to visiting in the future as a "tourist".