Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marathon and Quest Stop 15

We had to take a slight break from the quest but for a good reason. Over the weekend I ran in the Flying Pig Marathon. I have ran in some half marathons but this was my first, and maybe only, full marathon. I had to put aside the coneys and ingest some good carbs. Of course the famous Cincinnati 3-way includes spaghetti but I don't think that counts as good pre-race food.

There really isn't such thing as an easy marathon, and the Flying Pig is especially difficult due to the hills. I now hate Eden Park...ok that's a bit harsh, but I will have bad flashbacks next time I visit Eden. I did not have a time goal for the marathon, I just wanted to finish. I ended up finishing in 6 hours, 6 grueling and exhausting hours. Despite all the struggles of finishing a marathon, it was a fun and rewarding race. Cincinnatians do such a great job of supporting the runners, whenever I felt a little down there would be people there to root me on and lift my spirits. I'm not sure if a full marathon is something I will ever do again, but I am very happy to say that I have completed one.

One of the best things about completing a marathon is you can spend the next couple of days eating whatever you want and feel no guilt about it. This means the quest continues! Earlier today we went on stop #15, Main Street Diner (also known as B/G Restaurant) in Downtown. We left the diner with very different opinions, stay tuned for what should be an interesting review later in the week.

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