The goal of the Cincinnati Coney Quest is simple: find the best Cincinnati style cheese coney served in town. On our quest we will hit up the large chili parlors, the small but iconic chili parlors, and the chili parlors that even the native Cincinnatians might not be aware of. Along the way not only will we post reviews and pictures of every coney ate, we will post various tidbits and fun facts about Cincinnati chili, do polls, and give the history of the parlors we visit. We also welcome any recommendations about which chili parlors to visit.

The Questers:

Clint - A lifelong Cincinnatian (grad of Walnut Hills High and NKU) who loved Cincinnati style chili since he could eat solid foods.

Alison - A transplant from Northeast Ohio who came to Cincinnati to attend UC's CCM. Like many transplants she didn't like Cincinnati chili the first couple of times she had it, but after her 3rd try she began to love it.