Friday, May 13, 2011

Survey: What is your favorite festival?

Unfortunately Blogger has experienced some problems in the last 24 hours which led to the last two posts to disappear. One of those happened to be the latest poll where we asked what is your favorite Cincinnati festival. Since I no longer have that post or what the latest results were, I will re-ask this question, but in survey form. Post in the comment section what your favorite festival is.

As  a reminder here are the options we had on the poll:
MaiFest, CincItalia, Taste of Cincinnati, Newport Italian Fest, Newport Seafood Festival, Panegyri Greek Festival, St. Rita Festival, West Fest, A Church Festival, Oktoberfest, Riverfest (WEBN Fireworks), Harvest Home Fair, Red, White and Blue Ash, Taste of Blue Ash and Other.

Last time I saw the results, Other had a big lead, so maybe this is better in survey form anyway. We definitely are looking forward to going to festivals this summer and would love to hear what your favorites are.

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