Monday, March 26, 2012

Silver Ladle mini-review

Silver Ladle is the newest tenant of Downtown Cincinnati's "Restaurant Row", located on 6th street between Main and Walnut. As the name suggests, their specialities are soups and chili but they have various sandwich and hamburger menu items as well. recently posted a nice write up of Silver Ladle and its offerings.

Even though the quest is technically over, we were there for the Fork and Knife coney. This coney is not your typical Cincinnati cheese coney. You can choose between beef and chicken Cincinnati style chili, which along with cheese (and any other topping you choose) and a large hot dog, split in half, is on top of a toasted kaiser bun. At $7 the coney is a little pricey, but you get a lot of food for that money. Easily the most filling coney we have tried.

Along with being filling and unique, the coney was very tasty. If you think the typical Cincinnati cheese coney hot dog is lacking, you won't have that problem here. The Silver Ladle dog isn't quite as good as Mr. Hanton's but we enjoyed the taste. Since the Silver Ladle is owned by a member of the Skyline Chili family, there are definitely some similarities in the chili, but they are not exactly the same. Silver Ladle's chili is more savory than the sweet Skyline Chili. We really enjoyed the toasted kaiser bun. I was worried the bun would get soggy with so much chili on top of it, but luckily this was not the case. Really the only complaint we have is it would be easier to eat the coney with real silverware instead of plastic silverware.

Overall we really liked this unique take on the cheese coney from Silver Ladle. We look forward to trying some of their other menu items.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Opening Day is FREE Coney Day

Opening Day is already one of the best days on the Cincinnati calendar. Looks like Skyline Chili is going to make it an even better day. They are running an Opening Day is Free Coney Day promotion. By reading the small print, it appears you can receive a free coney with any menue purchase on Opening Day of the Reds season (April 5th).