Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quest Stop #16

For the past couple of Quest stops we just chose where we were going based on convenience. For stop #16 we decided to go back to the random drawing to determine our destination. There is a big addition to the drawings: Skyline Chili. We had avoided Skyline since we were so familiar with the taste but enough time as passed since our last Skyline experience we figured it was a good time to add them to the mix. Barring any last second discoveries, we are down to 9 chili parlors on the quest.

Cincinnati Coney Quest stop #16 is:

We are heading back across the river this time to try out Covington Chili. Surprisingly, despite my many adventures in the Covington area during my college years I know very little about Covington Chili. We look forward to seeing if its a diamond in the rough or if there is a good reason I don't know much about them.

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