Friday, May 20, 2011

ONN on Cincinnati Chili

Ohio News Network recently put together a video about our beloved Cincinnati Chili. The video discusses the history of Cincinnati chili, why we love it and the various options at the chili parlors. I found it funny the person they had to demonstrate how to properly eat a 3-way ate his in a way I have never seen before: inverted (cheese on the bottom). So right off the bat I think he is eating his 3-way improperly, cheese goes on top! In college I once had a roommate who put chili on the bun before the hot dog meanwhile his girlfriend twirled her 3-way, this did not make me and the other roommates happy.

Click here to view the ONN video. It is 7 and a half minutes long but a fun watch if you have the time. Also you might crave chili immediately after watching the video.

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