Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poll Results: What is your background and view of Cincy Chili?

Poll #2 asked our readers what their background was (local or transplant) and how they felt about Cincinnati style chili (love at first bite, gradual love, or hatred). Once again the poll lived up to my predictions.

57% are native to Cincinnati and LOVE Cincinnati chili
30% are transplants and didn't like it at first but eventually loved it
9% are transplants who loved it at first bite
3% are transplants who HATE Cincinnati chili

If you have lived in Cincinnati long enough these results probably don't surprise you too much. Most native Cincinnatians love our chili and are appalled that anyone could question that love. Most transplants I know that eat Cincy chili tell me they didn't like it at first, but kept on eating it since it was the thing to do here and eventually (usually by the 3rd time) loved it. I don't come across many transplants that love it at first bite, but as you can see they do exist. There was a total of 3% for the HATE options, but I would venture to guess if you polled random people that number would be much higher. It wouldn't make much sense for someone that hates Cincinnati chili to read this blog.

Thanks to all that participated in this poll, if you have any ideas for future polls related to chili, food, or just Cincinnati in general, let us know!

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