Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Do You Like Your Coney poll results

Our first poll of the quest asked the question how do you like your coney: plain, onions & mustard, just onions, just mustard, or other? The results weren't too surprising, most prefer their coneys to have all the toppings.

59% Onions and Mustard
13% Plain
13% Just Mustard
8% Other
5% Just onions

That is exactly how I predicted the order to be. Typically when I go out with a group of people most will get onions and mustard but some like me will just go plain. Some chili places have their own specialty coney, like the alligator at Dixie, so I figured there would be some love for the other category.  I've never actually been with someone that ordered just onions.

I would like to do a poll every other week, not sure if that is realistic, but thats the goal as of now. So if you have any ideas for polls let us know!

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