Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Quest Stops!

We are happy to announce that two more locations have been added to the Cincinnati Chili Quest. The two new locations are West Side Chili and Mr. Gene's Dog House "Mobile Weenies on Wheels".  West Side Chili was recommended to us by a reader. As you probably guessed, it is located on the West Side of town (on Glenway).  Mobile Weenies on Wheels is the newest addition to the booming Cincinnati food truck scene. So far they have set up shop on 5th and Race during lunch hours. We are big fans of the food trucks so we are definitely looking forward to trying Mr Gene's Dog House food truck.


  1. We love Mr. Gene's - king size coneys and a variety of dogs to choose from. The onion rings and sauce rock too. Service is great - it's a definite!

  2. Hot metts are the best! Great service, great food-all around best place to get your hotdog fix!