Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coney Quest Stop #4

The fourth stop on the quest has been drawn. Not exactly sure when we will be visiting this parlor, we will be monitoring the upcoming SNOWMAGEDDON, and making our plans from there. Once again this week all parlors but Skyline and Gold Star were eligible to be drawn. In two weeks we will introduce either Skyline or Gold Star into the mix, and the other one will get introduced later in the quest.

And now onto the selection:

We are definitely looking forward to visiting Blue Ash Chili, as it has received a lot of buzz the last couple of years, including a visit from Guy Fieri for his hit television show Diners. Drive Ins and Dives.


  1. Forgot to mention that you might want to add West Side Chili to your mix.

    Located on Glenway Ave. just south of Bridgetown Rd. and is across from the Thortons.

    Will keep abreast of your endeavors along with the Cincy group at

    Happy eating.

  2. We will add it to our list. Thanks for the tip!