Monday, December 27, 2010

Coney Quest Stop #5 Roadblock

Originally we had planned on making Park Chili in Northside our 5th stop on the quest. From the research we did it appeared they were open til 7PM during the week. We arrived at 6:10 PM and doors were locked. There was someone at the counter and two other people, not sure if they were customers or workers, hanging around as well. We shook the door, tried to get their attention and they saw us, but decided to just give us a blank stare instead of notifying us they were closed. So as we walked back to the car I decided to call to see what the hours were, after 7 rings someone finally answered and the convo went like this:

PC: Hello, Park Chili *in a not very pleasant voice*
Me: Hi, I was wondering what your hours were?
PC: Sorry we are closed for the night.
Me: Oh ok, tha *PC hangs up phone* nk youuuuu.

This put us in a slight bind since we did not have a back up plan, silly us thinking a restaurant would honor its hours. Then we remembered Camp Washington Chili was nearby, open 24 hours, and on our list. We will return to Park Chili another day, most likely for lunch and will definitely call ahead. Park Chili might have gotten off to a bad start, but we are forgiving people and will still to go Park with an open mind (and belly).

This week stay tuned for the Camp Washington history post and our review.


  1. Customer service is important to me, so they would have lost a potential customer if that were me

  2. If we were going there just to go there, I would be right there with you. But since we are on the quest for the best coney and want to try every parlor in town, they will get a 2nd chance. However, if it happens again they are done and will be awarded 0 stars.