Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poll Results: ...How do you get your fix?

Our latest poll had the smallest amount of votes, but the highest amount of feedback in the comments section. This poll asked people who no longer live in Cincinnati how they got their Cincy chili fix. Here are the results from the 9 votes:

2 get cans shipped to them
1 has relatives bring them cans
3 make their own
3 suffer without it until they visit Cincinnati

If I were to ever leave Cincinnati, I would likely have cans shipped to me. It might not be cheap, but it would definitely be worth it. I may make my own from time to time as well. Speaking of which, if you have any recipes please send them our way, we are going to try various recipes once we are done visiting every parlor. One thing I know for sure, suffering without Cincy chili would not be an option for me.

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