Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Out of Towners: How do you get your fix?

The latest poll is for those Cincy chili lovers who have moved away from Cincinnati, or those who aren't from Cincy and don't live here, but love our style of chili. How do you get your Cincinnati chili fix?

Do you have cans shipped to you?
Do you have relatives or friends bring you cans of it when they visit you?
Do you make your own? (If you do, we would love to know your recipe!)
Or do you just suffer until you make a visit back to Cincinnati?

If you are not an out of towner, you can leave a comment describing what you would do if you left Cincinnati.


  1. A few years back, I was given a recipe that is better than any cincy chili I've ever tasted! Now, If I can just perfect the shredding of that coney cheese...hmm....

  2. Toni - i would like to know of this "better than the original" recipe lol

  3. I WAS suffering until I got back to Ohio (they have Skyline in Columbus for when I fly into CMH, otherwise they probably recognize my car at the Skylines in Batavia and Harrison). However, last week I tried my hand at making my own. It was a little thinner than Skyline's but it was pretty tasty. The recipe is not mine; I found it online, but if I can find a link for it, I will post it here.

  4. I make my own, with the aid of seasoning packets courtesy of Gold Star, which my dad ships to me every so often. Cans of Skyline (which is my preference) are rather expensive, so I've grown to love Gold Star. And whenever I make it back to Cincinnati, I swing through Skyline.

  5. im in florida.. sometimes i find frozen skyline chili in the freezer aisle in my local Publix... i know that there is a skyline in Clearwater but i heard the quality is subpar

  6. This is the link to the recipe I promised. It is John Lipman's Cincinnati chili recipe. I don't know who John has, but the taste of this chili was pretty good. As I said, it's a little thin, and the whole tomatoes were a little odd, so I would probably just add more tomato sauce and skip the whole tomatoes.

  7. Hi guys, sorry I missed the poll. We went on a road trip out of town for the holidays and passed through Cincy on the way there and back home. We had Dixie coneys and a 3-way, a Camp Washington 3-way & a Blue Ash Chili 3-way and cheeseburger with chili on our trip. Each place was very good and the coneys we had at Dixie were excellent.

    My choice for Cincy chili back home has become the Cincinnati Recipe chili packets. I've tried the frozen & canned Skyline product and am not a big fan. We picked up Cincinnati Recipe chili on the way down to Florida this time and we brought some to my mother in-law. She helped us make a pot and it's pretty good with an additional pinch of cumin and cinnamon.

    We also bought two cans of Skyline and a can of Dixie chili. We tried one of the Skyline chili cans and I thought it was pretty disgusting actually. We gave the other can of Skyline as a gift before we tried it, oh well, And we still have the Dixie can, hope it's better than Skyline in a can.

    The packet had a bit of spiciness to it that was reminiscent of Camp Washington's chili, which we both think is one of the best in Cincy. We didn't add the entire amount of water that was listed on the back of the packet, so the chili was a bit thicker as well. On the way back, we picked up 20+ more packets at Jungle Jim's grocery so we can get our fix until the next time we get back to the Queen city!

    Here's a link to the packets.

  8. Oh, I also forgot to mention that we picked up a few packets of Gold Star chili mix and a can of Cincinnati Recipe's chili. Bought all of our chili products at Jungle Jim's market in Fairfield OH. If any of you visiting or living in the Cincy area haven't been to Jim's. you need to go!

    Since we liked the Cincinnati Recipe spice packet we thought we might try Cincinnati Recipe's canned version. We also wanted to check out Gold Star's chili when we were in Cincy but didn't get a chance, so the packet was what we got to take home. I'll try to report back later on which chili we thought was the tastiest.

  9. sounds like you did a good job stocking up on Cincy Chili! And yes, Jungle Jims is a great place.

  10. My cousin lives in Connecticut, and is a huge fan of Cincinnati Chili (as am I). I lived in CT/NY for 2 years as well, and after a while, I had a big craving for some chili. She advised ordering Dixie Chili, which comes by the case (12 cans) and you can order on the internet. I complained about having to wait for shipping, and she assured me this would not be a problem, that it would arrive almost immediately. Sure enough, I placed an order and it arrived within 36 hours!

    I now drive past a Dixie Chili location in my commute to work, and still buy it by the case (cheaper than the grocery). Going to visit my cousin next month, and taking a case with me. Her husband, luckily, likes it too, although he complains that she makes it far too often (once a week).