Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Best of Metromix Cincinnati 2012

Awards season is upon us and Metromix is asking their readers to vote on this years Best of Metromix Cincinnati poll. Most of the categories pertain to local restaurants, bars, and other entertainment destinations. Once again there is a category for Best Chili Parlor. The same chili parlors are nominated from last year along with one new addition, Pleasant Ridge Chili. This means the two big guys in town, Gold Star and Skyline, are not represented. I stick by what I said last year, I like that the smaller parlors are getting attention. Price Hill Chili won the previous two Best of Metromix polls, will they 3-peat?

The nominees are:

Blue Ash Chili
Camp Washington Chili
Dixie Chili (Erlanger)
Empress Chili (Alexandria)
Pleasant Ridge Chili
Price Hill Chili

I would also like to note that Mr. Hanton's is up for Best Food Truck. While Mr. Hanton's technically is not a Cincinnati chili parlor, they do serve Cincinnati chili cheese coneys, along with many other amazing hot dog options.

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