Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best of City Beat 2012

Voting is now open for the Best of City Beat 2012. Sadly, Cincinnati Coney Quest did not get nominated for Best Blog...shocking, I know. But feel free to write us in! Congrats to the Cincinnati blogs that are nominated.

Once again, there are chili categories to vote in. Apparently this year the chili categories are not limited to Cincinnati style chili. This means chili lovers of all varieties will have an options, but there are some odd nominees in my opinion.

Best Chili (Chain):

Bob Evans
Dixie Chili
Empress Chili
Gold Star Chili
McAlister's Deli
Panera Bread
Skyline Chili
Steak N' Shake

Best Chili (Non-Chain):

Aquarius Star & Om Cafe
Blue Ash Chili
Camp Washington
Chez Nora
Chicken on the Run
Chili Time
Delhi Chili
Dixie Chili
Empress Chili
Habbits Cafe
J and J Restaurant
Main Street Cafe
Pleasant Ridge Chili
Price Hill Chili
Westside Chili
Zip's Cafe

Congrats to Dixie Chili and Empress Chili on being nominated for both Chain and Non-Chain! And congrats to the no longer existent West Side Chili for their nomination. I won't tell anyone how they should vote, but if Bob Evans or Wendy's wins I will be highly disappointed in my fellow Cincinnatians. Snark aside, congrats to those restaurants that are nominated for Best Chili, we did enjoy all the parlors we visited that are nominees.

Other nominations for chili parlors:

Skyline Chili - Best Business Lunch, Best Bang for your Buck, Best Date Restaurant, Best Late Night Eats, Best Takeout

Price Hill Chili - Best Breakfast, Best Bang for your Buck, Best Kid Friendly Restaurant, Best Late Night Eats, Best Subs/Sandwiches

Blue Jay Restaurant - Best Breakfast, Best Bang for your Buck

Blue Ash Chili - Best Bang for your Buck

Pleasant Ridge Chili - Best Bang for your Buck, Best Late Night Eats

Camp Washington Chili - Best Bang for your Buck, Best Late Night Eats

Chili Time - Best Late Night Eats

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