Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best of Coney Quest Week

The Cincinnati Coney Quest is technically complete. We have visited 29 chili parlors/restaurants and in the past month have revisited some of our favorite parlors. This week will be "Best of Coney Quest" week, where we officially unveil our favorite places to find a cheese coney. This does not mark the end of the blog. We still have a couple of more things to complete: the Canned Chili Challenge and trying out more Cincinnati Chili recipes. We will also pass on any Cincinnati chili related news and deals.

Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday 1/23 - Unveil official rankings of Chili Parlors #5 thru #16
Tuedsay 1/24 - 4th place Parlor
Wednesday 1/25 - 3rd place Parlor
Thursday 1/26 - 2nd place Parlor
Friday 1/27 - 1st place Parlor
Saturday 1/28 - "Best of..." Category winners (e.g. Best Cheese, Best Chili, etc.)

Of course our rankings are just our opinions. If you ask 100 different Cincinnatians their opinion on the local chili parlors you will likely get a wide range of opinions. Hopefully we were able to introduce some new eateries for our readers to try, even if you do end up disagreeing with our opinion. We have had fun on this quest and have found a lot of great places to find Cincinnati chili which was the main goal.

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