Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Price Hill Chili wins Metromix Poll

This part of the year we see many Best of Cincinnati polls released. Metromix Cincinnati recently published the results of their Best of Cincy reader poll which featured various food and entertainment categories including Best Chili Parlor.

The nominees were:

Camp Washington Chili
Blue Ash Chili
Dixie Chili
Empress Chili
Price Hill Chili

We have been to 4 of the 5 parlors, all of those received high marks from us but Empress. I was a bit surprised Skyline or Gold Star was not one of the nominees since they are the ones typically thought of, but I also liked seeing other parlors get some recognition. The winner of the poll was of course the one parlor we have yet to visit, Price Hill Chili. I will now announce that Price Hill Chili will be the 11th stop of the Quest. We look forward to finding out if Price Hill lives up to the praise bestowed by Metromix readers.

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