Friday, June 17, 2011

Poll Results: Gold Star or Skyline?

In our latest poll we put the two Cincinnati chili heavyweights, Gold Star Chili and Skyline Chili, against each other and asked our readers which they preferred. This was an interesting poll to keep track of. After the first day Skyline jumped out to a huge lead, things were looking bleak for Gold Star. During this time I also noticed that while Skyline had this big lead, most of the comments in the feedback section were pro-Gold Star. One of the Gold Star supporters attributed this to "there are more people who simply choose Skyline because it's what they grew up with, but Gold Star fans are more passionate and loyal." Then overnight those "passionate and loyal" Gold Star fans showed up and closed the gap from a blowout in Skyline's favor to a tight race.

However, in the end Skyline reigned supreme in this poll. Final results:

Skyline: 55%
Gold Star: 45%

While this certainly isn't a scientific poll, I think its a pretty accurate representation of how Cincinnatians feel about Gold Star vs. Skyline. Just based on my personal experiences, I know more people who prefer Skyline but not an overwhelming amount more than like Gold Star. So a 10% gap sounds about right. And for those of you who aren't a fan of either, and prefer another parlor in town, we will have a poll towards the end of the quest that will feature all the top chili parlors in town.

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