Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gold Star Chilimobile Mini-Review

Last evening we headed to Party on the River expecting to try Mr. Hanton's cheese coney. However we had our information mixed up and Mr. Hanton's was not there. Mr. Hanton's sets up shop during Party in the Park, the Gold Star Chilimobile sets up during Party on the River. Since we were in the mood for coneys we decided to have a couple of coneys from the Chilimobile.

The Chilimobile is easy to spot, looks like an ice cream truck but has big Gold Star logos, 3-ways and coneys on it. Each coney is $2, this is slightly more expensive than a coney at a Gold Star, but that is to be expected since it cost a little more to maintain a food truck. They also had packets of free oyster crackers which I always approve of.

The coneys were ok but not quite as good as you would get at an actual Gold Star restaurant. The two main problems were the buns weren't as soft and the coneys could have used a little more chili (Alison used the word "dry" to describe her coneys). The chili could have been a little hotter but it certainly wasn't cold and it still tasted good, as did the cheese.

Even though its not quite restaurant quality, we still recommend hitting up the Chilimobile if you are at an outdoor event where it has set up shop at. This is especially true if the event serves alcohol. I imagine had we bought some coneys after enjoying a couple of adult beverages at the party this probably would have turned into the most glowing review ever*.

*Comedian Nick Swardson has a funny take on this phenomenon about 55 seconds into the video posted below.
Nick Swardson - Drinking
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