Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gold Star Introduces New Milk Shake

If I were to do another food quest after the coney quest, there is a good chance it would be dessert themed. I of course love Cincinnati staples such as Graeter's, Aglamesis', UDF and all the various Creamy Whip's in town.

I haven't found too many dessert offerings at the parlors we have visited, but Gold Star does have a line of milk shakes on their menu. Up until now Gold Star just had the standard Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla shakes. Today they introduce a new shake to their menu: Cookies n' Cream. This is good news as Cookies n' Cream is one of my favorite ice cream flavors. I have only had a Gold Star milk shake once, from what I remember it was pretty good. This shake is only available from now til the end of August. If I find myself in a Gold Star during this time I will have to try one and will let you know what I think.

Below is the press release from Gold Star:

Gold Star Introduces Cookies & Cream Milk Shakes for Summer
Everybody Loves A Milk Shake!
Hand Blended with Real, Premium Ice Cream and Oreo® Cookies
For a limited time only (June – August, 2011), Gold Star Chili, The Flavor of Cincinnati, has added  a new flavor, Cookies & Cream, to its line up of hand blended milk shakes, made with real, premium ice cream.
“Of the dozen or so special flavors and add-ins that we taste-tested with consumers, Cookies & Cream, was the favorite, by far,” says Charlie Howard, Gold Star Chili Vice President of Marketing & Brand Development.
The 20 oz. milk shakes feature a vanilla ice cream with real Oreo® cookies hand- blended in; real cream whipped topping is standard for the full flavor experience.
Gold Star’s everyday milk shake line features three flavors: Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The restaurant featured a very popular orange cream limited time flavor last fall throughout the Cincinnati Bengals’ football season. Since their introduction last summer, milk shakes have grown to be Gold Star’s best selling dessert item and a popular mid-afternoon or mid-evening snack item.
“We think that our milk shakes are the best-tasting shakes among Greater Cincinnati-area quick service and casual dining restaurants,” says Howard. If fact, we challenge milk shake lovers to find a better one in our dining segment."
Cookies & Cream milk shakes will be available at all participating Gold Star Chili restaurants through August 2011.

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