Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poll: What Side is the Best Side?

The latest poll is not about chili, but it is about one of the biggest debates in Cincinnati: What side of town is the best side of town? The argument is always East vs.West, but there are more sides than just East and West in the Cincinnati area. Everyone that lives in the region can get in on this battle. Options are:

Northern Suburbs (e.g. Mason, West Chester, etc)
Central (e.g. Downtown, OTR)
Northern Kentucky

(edit: Just realized there could be some Indiana residents who read the blog as well, its too late for me to edit the poll options, but feel free to write Indiana in if you're a Hoosier)


  1. Central (e.g. Downtown, OTR) Hands down. No contest.

  2. I grew up in the Northernish suburbs of Fairfield and West Chester and still work part time in Mason. Those areas suck.

    I live in Northern Kentucky and while I love it, beautiful area, I gotta go with Thadd F.

    Downtown, OTR, CBD, Riverfront takes the cake any day.