Friday, January 7, 2011

Poll Question: Does location matter?

Location, location, location. This week's poll question is for those that like to frequent the chain chili parlors. There are multiple Skyline's, Gold Star's, Dixie's and Empress' throughout the region.  There are even some Skyline and Gold Star's outside of Cincinnati, I've heard different opinions on the out of town locations. Some thing they are nothing like the ones in Cincy, some notice no difference. This is also true for the parlors in town. For example, I know people that will go out of their way to visit the Skyline on Ludlow even though there is a Skyline closer to them. Reasons I've heard for this is they like the ambiance better or they claim the chili just taste better there than at other locations.

For this poll a couple of questions can be asked that are rolled into this theme: Does it matter which one you go to or does every Skyline (or any of the other chains listed) taste the same? Does one location offer things another one does not? If you think one is better but isn't the most convenient location to you, do you go out of your way for the better one or choose the more convenient one?

The two options for this poll are:

I will go out of my way (for a particular location, even if there is one more convenient)


I choose the most convenient location

And as always, feel free to explain your vote in the comments section.


  1. I don't know if I want to answer because
    For Gold Star: yes, there are differences between location (though not much), however one of the good locations also happens to be the closest to my house, so I don't go out of my way. For Skyline, I choose convenience

  2. Everyone knows the best Skyline is the Ludlow Skyline! The others just don't compare.

  3. I've clearly missed the boat on this, but the differences in location are huge! The west side (Lambrnides owned) skylines are clearly superior to all other skylines.