Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poll Results: What Side is the Best Side

In our latest poll we asked readers to weigh in on another long standing debate in Cincinnati: What side of town is the best? One catch was instead of just doing East vs. West, we tried to include all sections of the area. This poll has the most responses of our polls to date, which shows how passionate people are in this area about where they live. The winner of the poll was Northern Kentucky with 40% of the vote. At first this surprised me, but after thinking about how the Cincinnati areas had multiple choices, and how NKY just had one option, it made sense. Do Northern Kentuckians section each other by east and west like those north of the river do, or is everyone united?

To break down the results, Northern Kentucky was the overall winner, but Cincinnati had more total votes.  In East vs. West, the East Side won with 10% more of the votes. Central came in a respectable third place, only losing by a vote to the East. The biggest loser was North with only one vote.

Results of the poll:

NKY 40%
Eastside 23%
Central 20%
Westside 16%
North 3%


  1. There's a sense of unity to some degree. At the same time, though, we self-classify according to county (Boone, Kenton, Campbell) but don't argue when folks just refer to us as "NKY." I'm pretty sure that this makes no sense.