Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Dexter the Pug!

Over the weekend we made a new addition to our lives, we adopted a dog! On Friday we made a trip to the SPCA shelter on Colerain to see what dogs they had available. Since we live in an apartment in the city, we had to find a good small dog that would handle city life well. As soon as we walked into the kennel every dog got excited and began barking non-stop, except one dog. That one dog was a 2 year old pug named Bugsy. We took him out of his cage and played with him a little bit and soon found out he was a fun ball of energy who was looking for a loving home.

After talking to the people at the SPCA we found out Bugsy had a rough time as of late. He was a stray, and when the SPCA brought him in he had really bad kennel cough and they weren't sure if he would make it. However, the Vet didn't want to give up on him and had faith he would overcome the kennel cough. Luckily after the medication, he did beat the cough. After hearing what this dog had been through and seeing just how adorable he is, we knew we had to take him home with us.

The first night with our unnamed dog (we weren't fans of the name Bugsy, so we knew we would change his name) was an adventure. It was pretty clear he hadn't been in a home in a while as he was very excitable and didn't want us to leave him for a second. We found out quickly that yes, he can bark. But look at that face, we could not be upset with him at all. After a couple of days he has calmed down a lot and has shown a lot of improvement. Still has some separation issues, but that is to be expected with what he went through. We decided to name him after one of our favorite TV shows, Dexter. Let's just hope he isn't living a secret life as a serial killer too.

I would like to give an endorsement to the SPCA. If you are looking to adopt a dog (or cat) I highly recommend them. It only cost $90 and the SPCA has already taken care of the shots, micro chip and spay/neutering. Plus you are doing the great deed of saving an animal who might have had a rough life and needs a good home to go to.

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