Monday, January 10, 2011

Chili Time tidbits

We like to find out the history of each chili parlor we visit, but unfortunately despite Chili Time having a long history in town, we could not find out a lot about its history at the restaurant or on the internet. We did find out some info during our sleuthing but not enough for a full fledged history post, so we will share the tidbits we found. If any Chili Time aficionados have more information about the restaurant, please share!

  • There used to be multiple Chili Time locations.  The one and only Chili Time still operating is located in St. Bernard.  There used to be a Chili Time in Roselawn as well that many long time residents have fond memories of. However that location closed in the mid 90's. There appears to have been one in Bond Hill at one point, but not sure when that location was in operation.

  • Chili Time is another Cincinnati chili parlor that can trace its roots back to the original Cincinnati chili parlor, Empress Chili.

  • Chili Time is owned by someone named Chris. Don't know a last name, so I'm just gonna assume he has none and is the Madonna or Bono of the Cincinnati chili scene.

  • There has been some major controversy at Chili Time within the past year. There was a waitress named Pam Holbrook who had worked at Chili Time for over 20 years and was very well liked by the Chili Time regulars. However she was fired in early 2010. This angered many of those regulars, who then started a group on facebook to try to get her rehired. Based on my research it doesn't look like that worked as she lists Walmart as her current employer. (I also found out via her MySpace profile that she is a "sexy bitch" and a "proud grandma". I would link to her profile, but I wouldn't wish going to MySpace upon any of my readers)

  • MC Hammer may, or may not, have been involved in the naming of Chili Time.


  1. Love the quest.

    Hammer was born in 1962. Chili Time was already existing by then. At least the one in Bond Hill was.
    There was also on in Oakley and Queensgate
    (across from the Holiday Inn)

  2. Thanks!

    Sounds like Chili Time was once a pretty big player in the Cincinnati Chili scene. I wonder how or why it has dwindled down to only one location.

  3. The original Chili Time was located in St. Bernard across Vine Street from its current location. It was a very tiny place, always crowded with regulars consuming, what else, Time Burgers. In their current location, Chili Time has the distinction of being the fanciest place in St. Bernard. Good food with great service!

  4. Used to go to the Roselawn location lots!! Great chili and burgers... Great hours and location.... This restaurant existed way before Hammer.. I went in the early 70s

    1. Yes , Hammer was barely 10 years old then... Unless he was a prodigy!

    2. Cincinnati chili really rules!!!!

  5. Was there a Chili Time in Bond Hill. I know there was.

  6. Was there a Chili Time in Bond Hill. I know there was.