Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quest Stop #22, Queen City Sausage Festival and Wait...What?

Quest Stop #22
It has been a while since we have held an actual drawing to determine our next stop on the quest. We are now in the portion of the quest where most of our remaining parlors are only open during lunch and have limited weekend hours. So we have had to plan out our recent stops, but I always liked doing random drawings so I brought it back for stop #22. I chose three parlors that I knew would fit in our schedule and the winner is...

Park Chili! This is not our first attempt at visiting Park Chili. If you don't remember, Park was actually going to be our 5th stop of the quest, however we got there too late...or did we? It was a strange experience, hopefully we have better luck this time.

Queen City Sausage Festival
Ok, go ahead and get your giggling about the name out of the way now...we good now? This weekend at Newport's Riverfront Levee is the Queen City Sausage Festival. According to their website the festival will feature "Over 15 delicious ways Queen City Sausages can be enjoyed. Brats, metts and more, including creative dishes will be sold by the area’s best food vendors!" The reason we are mentioning it here, according to the Enquirer's Polly Campbell, one of those "creative dishes" will be an Italian Sausage Coney. Not sure if we will make it down to the festival, but if we do, we will try an Italian Sausage Coney and report back.

Wait...What??? (c) Norm MacDonald
While doing some research for the blog I stumbled across this recent blog post from another blog. Hmm, looks pretty familiar. (Note: Aside from that post, I actually find their blog interesting.)

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