Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yelp Eats!

The good people of have put together a fun and tasty event called Yelp Eats! Restaurant Week. It's a week long event where many restuarants in Cincinnati will have various menu items on sale. To kick off this event Yelp is holding a Yelp Eats Kick-Off Cook-Off this Thursday (cook off event is full, but you can join a waiting list). Some of the top chefs in Cincinnati will be in a cooking competition where they will have to use one of these special ingredients, chosen by Yelp the night of the event:

Frisch's Tartar Sauce
Glier's Goetta
Skyline Chili
Montgomery Inn Saratoga Chips
Eckerlin's Bratwurst

We will be in attendance and obviously think it would be great if Skyline Chili is the secret ingredient, but I'm sure whatever ingredient is chosen the dishes will be delish. If you can't make this event, be sure to check out some of the restaurants taking park in the Yelp Eats Restaurant Week. Our friends over at Wine Me, Dine Me and Cincinnati Nomerati have more details on these great events.

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