Tuesday, March 1, 2011

JK's Chili History

JK's Chili is yet another parlor on our list that was established by an immigrant seeking the American Dream. Jiries Khalilieh, from the country of Jordan, opened his Madeira restaurant in 1973. Just a year later he returned to his homeland to marry his sweetheart Lucy and bring her to the U.S. The couple has been operating JK's Chili side by side ever since.

Life-long customers remember when there was a hitching post in front of the parlor and you could ride your horse right up to the door. JK's Chili may not boast a myriad of chili awards like some parlors, but within the neighborhood Khalilieh is well recognized for his outstanding service to the community. He regularly donates food to local fund-raising and high school events.

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  1. Just ate at JK's again today for the "ump-teenth" time! Wow, has it changed!! Same great food with some great additions to the classic greasey spoon/chili parlor menu. Fresh paint. New floor tiles and a new owner! Much cleaner & brighter, too!!