Wednesday, March 30, 2011

City Beat Best of Cincy Results

City Beat released the results of their annual Best of Cincinnati poll and somehow we did not win Best Blog. I guess me and Alison's two write in votes were not enough. Darn, better luck next year. However the Top 3 (365 Cincinnati, Wine Me Dine Me, and Urban Cincy) are all very deserving and we enjoy each blog. Congrats to all of the City Beat best of winners, even the ones I disagree with (more on that later in this post).

No best of Cincinnati poll would be complete without Cincinnati chili so there were plenty of categories involving Cincy chili parlors. Here are the results of the Reader's Poll:

Best Chili Parlor (chain):

1. Skyline Chili
2. Gold Star Chili
3. Dixie Chili

Best Chili Parlor (non-chain):

1. Camp Washington Chili
2. Blue Ash Chili
3. Price Hill Chili

Skyline Chili was the biggest winner of the local chili parlors. Along with being voted as best chain chili parlor, Skyine finished #1 in Cheap Eats, #2 in Best Restaurant, 24/7 Restaurant (Camp Washington is #3), and Takeout.

When I first read the results I was prepared to go into an epic foodie rant. But I didn't want to be that guy. Like most years, I am disappointed in the results of the Eats category. I joke around about how Cincinnatians love their chain restaurants but polls like this reinforce that opinion. Obviously I love Skyline, but 2nd best restaurant in Cincinnati? Nothing against Bob Evans, but I wouldn't put it in the Top 3 of best breakfast restaurants in town. I'm not anti-chain restaurant, there are many chains I visit. You know what you are gonna get and can usually leave satisfied. I don't want to "hate" on any of the winners. We all have our favorite places to dine for various reasons and I can respect that. I just think this city has so many great dinning options that we should all explore, and I include myself in that.

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