Thursday, November 10, 2011

Santorini Review

Quest Stop #28 took us back west into the heart of Cheviot to try Santorini's Family Restaurant. As soon as you walk into Santorini's you know its a Greek restaurant. There are pictures and paintings of Greece and everything has a blue and white color scheme. The food is just not Greek as the menu indicates they serve Greek and American food. Santorini's probably has the largest menu out of all the restaurants we have visited. Like most family restaurants there is breakfast and American grill items, they also serve Greek specialties like Gyros and Baklava, and they have your standard Cincinnati chili classics. One item we found to be surprising was Pizza. Not often you go to a family or Greek restaurant and see pizza on the menu. The service was very good and friendly.

Alison's Review

Santorini offers a really flavorful coney. I had difficulty telling what kind of hot dog they use, but it had a great smokey flavor to it. The chili was a nice meaty texture and the flavor was pretty decent. The spice level could probably be a little bit bolder. I imagine it might taste a little bland on its own or on a 3-Way, but the overall flavor was a good balance with the tasty hot dog.

The soft, fresh bun was just about as good as they get. The onion and mustard were just strong enough to be tasted but not overwhelming. My only complaint was that the cheese wasn't very neatly shredded, and most of it fell off onto my plate. However, I'll take the fresh grated cheese, in any form, over the pre-packaged stuff any day.

It's great to find another parlor that well represents Cincinnati stye chili. I'm giving Santorini a 3.75 out of 5 stars.  

Clint's Review

When I saw how big the Santorini's menu I didn't have high hopes for the coneys to be very good. With such a large menu I was concerned that there wouldn't be too much care put into the coneys. Also I never knew about Santorini's until someone notified us about them in the comments section of a previous post. Luckily, Santorini's cheese coneys turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The chili itself was ok. Not the most flavorful chili I have enjoyed on the quest, but good enough. It was on the savory side but had some sweet undertones as well. It did have a good thick texture and was not watery. While the chili didn't have a spicy heat level, it did come out piping hot. The cheese was tasty and freshly grated. However, the grating quality could be a little better. It reminded me of the cheese Alison and I grated on our first canned chili experiment. The cheese portion was generous which is something I do approve of. While the hot dog flavor didn't jump out to me as much as it did Alison, I did enjoy the hot dog. Only subpar aspect was the bun, I guess Alison got fresher buns than I did because they didn't seem that soft to me.

Overall Santorini's exceeded my expectations and produced a quality coney. I give them a 3.5 out of 5. Santorini on Urbanspoon

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