Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Canned Dixie Chili

Up first in our "Canned Chili Challenge" is Dixie Chili. This was the first time we have had Dixie since our visit very early in the quest. We both enjoyed Dixie so we looked forward to trying their canned product.

What we used:

Dixie Chili
A block of Kroger Mild Cheddar Cheese (which we shredded)
Blue Grass hot dogs
White onion
Kroger yellow mustard
Butternut Golden Honey hot dog buns

We both enjoyed our homemade attempt of recreating the Dixie Chili product. The canned product tasted very good and brought back fond memories of our Dixie visit. However there were some aspects we can definitely improve on as we continue this challenge. The cheese tasted fine, but the texture wasn't the best. Next time we will try freezing the cheese for a half hour before shredding to help reduce the clumpy texture. The Blue Grass dogs tasted great, but are larger than the typical coney dog so we couldn't pour on as much chili as we would have liked. The buns were fine, but we will try other brands. Alison thought the onion was too strong and will try a vidalia onion next time. She thought the mustard was fine.

Overall they were tasty coneys but not quite as good as a parlor made coney. If you are fan of Dixie Chili we recommend buying the canned product if you want to make your own coneys (or -ways) at home. The chili was tasty.  Hopefully we will make the appropriate tweaks along the way and come close to recreating that delicious parlor coney. Of course we welcome any suggestions.


  1. I think you used the wrong side of the grater. I use the fine side of the grater, and my coney cheese comes out fine!

  2. Try freezing it and also using the finer side of the grater or a Microplane for best results. Terry just used the microplane to put some cheese on the shelf stable Skyline yesterday and it was perfect.

  3. Yeah we froze it for the skyline product last night and that worked better. Will try the microplane next time. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I usually cut my hotdogs in half lengthwise, to more closely resemble to size of a "coney hot dog".


  5. Hi, I just love your blog. next time that you makes coneys or a 3-4-5 way, try using Midget Longhorn Colby cheese, it's more authentic. Also, hunt down the frozen Empress chili, it's just great. Bigg's/Remke's sells it. I used Hebrew Nation Beef dogs last time that I made coneys, they are just the right size and have a nice beefy flavor. Keep up the great work!