Thursday, August 11, 2011

Canned Chili Challenge

We are inching closer and closer to the finish line. However, one problem we have encountered with the remaining chili parlors are operating hours. Many of the parlors remaining close after lunch and have limited weekend hours. Since I work during the day throughout the week and have a short lunch break this makes things a bit more difficult. Don't worry, we will still visit all the remaining parlors but as you may have noticed, the quest stops haven't been as frequent lately.

Today we are introducing a new segment on the Cincinnati Coney Quest that helps satisfy our coney cravings and keeps the blog active. At local grocers you can find a variety of canned Cincinnati chili options. We are going to try each of these canned options and see if we can come close to replicating an authentic chili parlor coney at home. We won't be giving the canned chili ratings, but we will share our experiences with each brand.

The canned chili challenge "contestants" are:

Gold Star Chili
Cincinnati Recipe
Dixie Chili
Skyline Chili
Worthmore Chili

A couple of other homemade options we will try are Hard Times Cincinnati Chili Spice Mix and Cincinnati Recipe Chili Mix. We are also going to try out some Cincinnati Chili recipes we have found on the internet.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to make the perfect at home Cincinnati cheese coney (e.g. any particular hot dog, hot dog buns, cheese, etc. we should use) please let us know. Up first in the canned chili challenge is Dixie Chili.


  1. I'm interested in hearing how "Cincinnati Recipe" and "Worthmore" stack up

  2. Me too. I've had the canned Skyline and Gold Star before, but have always avoided Cincy Recipe and Worthmore. Guess we will find out if I have been misssing out or if it was good that I avoided them.

    1. please try it, you won't be sorry

  3. Good luck with this one Clint. I've done my own personal testing with cans, Gold Star's thicker chili translates to cans significantly better. Somehow Skyline always has fat or bone pieces in it that I can't get past. Rumor has it, something else you should consider if you're open to it is (I think) Dixie's Jars of Veggie Chili. I've heard it's fantastic.

  4. I have now made the switch to worthmore chili.For one it is the meatiest and not watery at all. I will not go back to buying cans of skyline or goldstar, they seem to take longer to cook all that water out of them. I have to recommend worthmore to who all that have never tried. Don't just look at it in the stores pick up a can and tell me what you think. cc