Friday, February 11, 2011

Vote for CCQ and other Chili tidbits

City Beat is holding their annual Best of Cincinnati Poll, while Cincinnati Coney Quest isn't officially nominated, we would appreciate if you wrote in Cincinnati Coney Quest. is where the ballot can be found. Best Blog can be found in the Public Eye category. Sure we don't expect to win, but who knows how long the quest will take, so might as well go for it while we can. Vote Coney!

In other Cincinnati chili related news:

  • YahooShine recently came out with a list of the Top 10 Chili Places in America, and Cincinnati's own Camp Washington Chili is represented! Camp Washington checks in at #6 and the article states "you either love Cincinnati chili or you don't, there is no middle ground" and that is an accurate statement. I am a fan of Camp Washington Chili and happy to see they made the list. Article can be found here:

  • Downtown bar Knockback Nats (7th and Race) is holding their annual Chili Cookoff on Sunday Feburary 13th at 4PM. While its not Cincinnati style chili, its still a good event at a bar I frequent from time to time. If you want to sample some great homemade chili, be sure to head to Knockback Nats on Sunday!

  • Looks like Cincinnati chili isn't just popular in America. I found this picture on twitter, it's a sign for the Chili House in Amman, Jordan which features combos of Cincinnati Chili. This sign reminds me of Gold Star so I wonder if a former Gold Star worker started this restaurant or maybe a displaced Cincinnatian that is a big Gold Star fan. Either way, very cool to see! (credit @downsanddirty for the picture)


  1. I have herd in the past that there Gold Star founders that are from Jordan. A buddy lived there for about year and was really glad to have the taste of home.

  2. yes, Gold Star founders are from Jordan. It all makes sense now.