Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleves Drive-In non-chili review

The Cincinnati Coney Quest hit a slight road bump today. We went out to Cleves, OH to try out Cleves Drive-In, which formally was called Cleves Chili Parlor. A couple of weeks ago, before I was aware of the name change, I called ahead to see if they were still in business. Conversation went like this:

Employee: Hello, Cleves Drive-In
Me: Umm, is this Cleves Chili Parlor?
Employee: Yes it is.

Since the employee said that it was the chili parlor, I did not think I should ask if they served cheese coneys. Apparently I should have. Even though it used to be called Cleves Chili Parlor and the employees won't correct you if you call it that, they no longer serve chili. The description needs to be updated as well. It was disappointing to find out they no longer serve chili especially since this restaurant was the furthest away from us on the quest. If you are out there and really need chili there is a Skyline next door. We decided to stay at the Drive-In and have lunch there anyway.

It is a nice restaurant so even though our coney dreams were crushed we still got a decent lunch. I describe it as a more homey Bob Evans that really likes horse racing. There were a lot of horse decorations and the TV had on a horse racing station. I went with a cheeseburger and Alison went with the turkey club. We both enjoyed our food, probably not something worth going out of the way for, but at least it tasted good enough to make it worth our time.

We came home from Cleves and immediately drew a new location for quest stop #10, which will be JK's Chili.

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  1. Grew up on the Westside, and went to Cleves Drive-In every so often - never knew it by any other name (and I'm in my 30's). My favorite item on the menu there is their milkshakes. Mmm...gonna have to make the trek, now that I'm thinking about it (and I now live in NKY, so it's much more of a trek).