Monday, November 29, 2010

Cincy Coney Quest Stop #2

For the most part the process of choosing what order the Cincinnati Coney Quest will go on is random. We put all the chili parlor names on slips of paper and draw the name from a hat. Only exceptions to this are making Empress stop #1 and planning on doing Gold Star and Skyline later in the quest since we are more accustomed to that taste.

Today was the first drawing of the quest...

...and the 2nd parlor will be:

Quest stop #2 will once again take us across the border, to try out Northern Kentucky's very popular Dixie Chili.


  1. Great blog! We're from Chicago and whenever we pass through Cincy we stop for Chili. We've only had Coneys at Camp Washington & Blue Ash and while the chili was fine at both the dogs themselves left a lot to be desired. I'm used to eating all beef hot dogs and these were pork hot dogs which are fairly bland to me. Do any of the Coneys in Cincy use beef hot dogs? Skyline maybe?

  2. I don't know of any that use beef dogs, but if we come across any that do we will make sure to mention it.